Regal 4P Door

Regal P Door Djibouti
Product: Regal 4P Door
Dimensions: 40 x 820 x 2150 mm

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+/- Allowance (t) x (w) x (h) : (0,5) x (1,0) x (1,0)mm
Adhesion: PVIC B4 / D4 (Exterior)
Wood Core: 3 Layer Albasia (Parasarianthes falcataria)
Lipping: 15 mm Solid Wood
Face Option: 1,5 mm veneer Mahogany
Quality: All Grade
Finishing Option: Prefinish Melamine Gloss

Light Maroon ; Dark Maroon ; Medium Maroon ; Salak Brown
By Order
All wood materials are kiln dried under 12% of moisture content. Any solid wood product will expand or contract over time as moisture and climate conditions change.